Direct to Garment or DTG printing is the process where a printer applies a specially formulated water-based ink directly onto the garment, using inkjet technology. The garment absorbs the inks into the fibres, creating a softer feel to the traditional method of screen printing.

Our machines can print in full colour using CMYKW.

Digital printing is a great option for those working with a small budget, as there are no minimums.

Our design tool accepts jpegspngs, eps, gif and tif files.  You want to make sure your file is at least 300dpi with transparency at the desired print size for the best possible print result.

To save your print-ready images in Photoshop or Paint, go to File > Save As > PNG. In Illustrator or Draw, you must export your image, go to File > Export > PNG.

Here is a really simple way of checking your artwork:

Open your print file on your computer screen.  Grow it to roughly the size you would like it printed.  If your image is looking a bit blurry or pixelated, this is how it is going to print.  If you are happy with this, fab!  Go ahead and upload your design. If you were wanting it to look a little crisper, we recommend finding another file.

Did you find your image on Google? Here is a tip to ensure the image is large enough for printing.  

  1. Search for your desired image in google
  2. Click on the ‘images’ tab
  3. Underneath the Google search bar, click the ‘Tools’ button
  4. Click on the size dropdown > Larger Than > 1024 x 768

What is the turnaround?
Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days.

Do you print on coloured/black garments?
Yes, we do.

What kinds of images are best for digital printing t-shirts?
The higher the resolution of your image the better your print result is going to be. We can only print as good as the image we are given!

Does it cost more for the more colours in the print?
No, we print in full-colour photographic quality, flat price.

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