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Security Policy

Security Policy



 FraudGuard to help's to detect fraudulent transactions before they occur. With FraudGuard, we set up fraud-screening rules, using a points system to allow for fraud on Cards. If the Fraud Score exceeds 100, then the transaction will be flagged as fraud send us an email and/or block the transaction when it has been flagged as fraudulent.

We work Hard to make sure your payments are safe using SSL certificates and SecurePay

A customer’s credit card data is among their most important personal information, so you as our customers must be certain that your data is secure.
The security of credit card data is mandated internationally by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
(PCI DSS). This is governed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.
Businesses have a responsibility to keep customer data secure.

The easiest way to do this within the PCI DSS guidelines is not to transmit, process or store card data, and to use a compliant integration method.

We choose to do this using SecurePay.
With SecurePay, We never have any access to full customer credit card information or data. This helps to reduce your's and our risk and can help make you feel more secure when they buy online from Majic Personalisation.

Why we ask you to Log In

The following characteristics could indicate
an increased risk of online fraud:
1. First-time shopper: Fraudsters are
always looking for new e-commerce businesses to defraud.
2. Larger-than-normal orders: Stolen
cards or account numbers have a limited lifespan, so thieves need to maximise the size of their purchases.
3. Ordering multiples of the same item: Having variants of the same item (such as different sizes or colours) can increase a fraudster’s profits on resale.
4. Express or overnight shipping: The sooner the fraudster receives the order,
the sooner they can resell the items. Also, you may have despatched the order before you discover it is fraudulent.
5. Multiple transactions on one card over a very short time: This could be an attempt to “run” a card until the account is closed.
6. Inconsistencies: Keep an eye out for different billing and shipping addresses, telephone codes that don’t match postcodes, email addresses that don’t look legitimate and orders placed at unusual times.
7. Multiple cards with a single delivery address: Account numbers could have been generated using special software, or it could indicate a batch of stolen cards.
8. Multiple transactions on one card or a similar card with a single billing address, but with multiple shipping addresses: This could be organised activity
by a group of fraudsters.
9. Multiple cards but a single IP address: More than one or two cards could indicate
a fraud scheme.
10. Orders from internet addresses that use free email services: Free email services don’t require billing, so there is often no audit trail and no way to check that
a legitimate cardholder has opened the account.

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